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r 4○5 million ○people pla●yed "Fortnite" by● January this ye◆ar. Also, its rel■evant game videos an■d various variat〓ions are popular◆ on YouTube and s○ocial media. Pl●ease scan the〓 QR Code to fol●low us on I○nstagramPlease sca●n the QR Code to ○foll

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see big job ◆opportunities in th○e developmen〓t of the sector.E-〓sports and educati◆on have long been■ regarded as ●incompatibl◆e in China,● with gaming consi○dered the No 1 en●emy of academic p◆erformance. ●But that is ch

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anging● as the heal●thy development of〓 e-sports gains mo〓re recognition.T○he inaugural 2018 U◆niversity Cybe〓r League, co-org◆anized by Tencent ◆Sports, is one exam●ple. The only e-〓sports tournam●ent approved ○by the Feder◆ation of University〓 Sports of Ch○ina, it


is one ●of the biggest of■ its kind in 〓China, boa◆sting the most team●s and the nation&〓rsquo;s top u〓niversity players.◆The tournam


ent wrapp◆ed up its north, sou●th, east and west◆ division competiti■ons in late Ap■ril. More than● 8,000 spect■ators atten■ded th


e div●isional compet○itions, which ●also attracted ov◆er 50 million onlin●e viewers.T〓he divisional champ◆ions are no〓w preparing ■for


the leag●ue’s first● national champio●nship, in S●uzhou, Jiangsu ◆province, on Sun◆day.The win■ners of the ◆four divis●io

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